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$12.50 For 1 Admission To Play All-Day Laser Tag (Reg. $24.99)

Ultrazone - $12.50 For 1 Admission To Play All-Day Laser Tag (Reg. $24.99)
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Deal ends on: 12/26/2017
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Tag is an exciting activity in and of itself, but add a few lasers, creepy fog and some robot sentinels and you've got the makings of a thrilling experience that's totally worth a few extra therapy sessions. Dabble in the dark and score serious savings with this deal at Ultrazone, good for 1 full day of laser tag, a $24.99 value, yours for only $12.50. 

Ultrazone offers one of the few places parents and kids can enjoy the same activity, a non-contact sport that's fun for the whole family. Laser tag lovers rejoice upon sight of "the adrenaline playground," where insane special effects, popping lights, glowing rocks, a room of reflections, ramps, mazes and more make the action unforgettably awesome. After the group is given instructions, players are outfitted with special vests equipped with flashing lights and sensors and sent on their way. Successful players integrate teamwork with strategy to outscore opposing teams for the win. After the game, players return to the lobby to receive their personal score cards showing both individual and team scores.

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Review snippet: This is a great place for kids to play and it's a friendly environment for competitive play. The triple play card is by far the best deal ever. Three games and it never expires, so... read more

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