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Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra: Music that Runs Millenia Deep

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra: Music that Runs Millenia Deep
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Let the melodies of a lost Chinese civilization carry you away with this breathtaking show presented by Falun Dafa Association of DC. The rippling notes of the pipa transport you to an imperial banquet, where maidens dance under a silvery moon. In a sudden shift, powerful drumbeats conjure an ancient battlefield where the valor of heroes stands out. The New York-based Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra was formed in response to the many theatergoers who longed to hear the music of Shen Yun -- the phenomenally successful dance spectacular -- in concert form. Shen Yun's approach, from the composition to the expression of the music, results in a vivid sound with deep emotional range. It's the ultimate in musical storytelling. The Orchestra's performance at North Bethesda's Music Center at Strathmore features Shen Yun's most celebrated original compositions and award-winning singers, along with timeless orchestral classics by Dvorak, Suppé and Tchaikovsky.

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  • Sunday October 22, 2017 / 3:00pm

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